The Digital Awareness Age

Alberto Puliafito
3 min readMay 23, 2019
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I think an era of (digital) awareness has begun.

I will continue to put in brackets that adjective, (digital), because it is important to do so. To put it in brackets reminds us that we come from the age of non-awareness.

In the age of non-awareness there were two worlds: the real one and the digital one.
The second was a world where, according to some, the rules that were valid in the first were not valid.

It was a world where the value was not perceived. It was a world where you could infinitely multiply the “users” — a horrendous term whose abolition we have already said extensively here, in Italian — .
It was a world where there were tricks. It was a world where the laws that were valid in the real world were not valid anymore.
It was a world that would work for you, because turning on a computer or putting up a blog would bring you easy money. It was a world where dangers lurked that there were none in the real world.

Well, that world never existed there.

In the age of (digital) awareness, it is the first thing we understood.

There is always (there has always been), only, a world, ours, and there are tools that change and that have to do with a single reality: the one we live. I can’t say exactly why he believed the other world. Perhaps because it was exclusive, because it had very high access barriers, because it spoke too technical a language, because humanistic and technological skills were not spoken, because they did not give themselves to all the tools to access them, perhaps for a combination of all these reasons . And perhaps, also for the human nature that seeks shortcuts where it can. In some cases, at any cost.

True, I admit that the signals around us would not seem to suggest this era of awareness (digital).

- there are those who want to isolate their internet by pulling on walls. They are walls that have in the brain, like borders
- there are the former elites (or those who thought they were part of an elite) who, on the right as well as on the left, would like to see copyright, control, censorship
- there are those that warn you of the dangers of digital and, rarely, those that tell you the possibilities

Alberto Puliafito

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